a little bit soapy

Allspice Soap

Well this is it, the straw has broken the camels’ back (and the mouse has sunk the red row boat full of happy-go-lucky farm animals): I was cutting up my latest batch of soap yesterday and decided that the world might care to know it.

I like blogs, I like people who blog, I’ve just never felt the need to be one of them. I only joined Facebook last year because of my job (though I admit to quite liking it now that I’m there) and have enjoyed being a social-media nobody. But a few things have converged and so here I am…

And here’s my soap – basic olive oil soap with some coconut oil for suds and solidified vegetable oils for, well, cos that’s the recipe I was taught by my Aunty. It’s got ground allspice leaves from my mother in laws’ herb farm (http://herbs-to-use.com) and Christmas Spice scent to make it smell pretty.

Allspice soap 2

If you’ve ever wanted to give soap making a go I encourage you to do it. It might seem a bit daunting but it’s really very simple (I’ll post a ‘how to’ next time I make soap). And it’s always a joy for me to know what is in the products I use in my home and on my body, and this one is full of only good things!

Right, that’s my first post done.

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