my very own rainbow


No fancy, wordy-smithy introductions necessary for this post – just an exuberant and ever so excited exclamation: “I JUST MADE WATERCOLOURS!!!!!”

Edible. Natural. Easy. Beautiful.

I found the recipe in an ‘eco’ magazine a friend of mine had, and was immediately determined to have a go.


What you need:

1/2 cup bicarb soda

1/4 cup corn flour

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 tsp sugar syrup

natural food colourings (make your own with cold-pressed vegetable juices [think carrot, spinach] & spices [turmeric, paprika] or you can buy some here)*

ice cube or paint trays


What to do:


1. Mix the dry ingredients together

Watercolours 5


2. Add sugar syrup and vinegar and stir immediately with a fork
(the mixture will froth but mine didn’t overflow, and quickly settled down as I stirred it)

Watercolours 1


3. Mix small amounts of the mixture with natural food colouring for the colours you want.
(The more colouring you use the darker/stronger the paint will be, obviously!)*
(And no matter how much it looks like icing, resist the urge to lick your fingers…it’s not icing, it’s bicarb slurry. And it tastes revolting!!)

Watercolours 2Watercolours 3


4. Pour into your trays and use them straight away or let them set and use them just like any watercolour you’ve ever used before.
(It took a few days for all the liquid to evaporate, so set them aside in a safe place. In summer they’ll probably set/dry a lot more quickly).

Watercolours 6


5. PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT!!! And glory in the sheer joy of making something so wonderful from scratch!


* Unfortunately I found that the natural red colouring from the bottle reacted with the bicarb and turned grey. I also tried using raspberries but had the same result. (Useful tip for how to get grey paint though). In the end I used ordinary non-natural red food colouring for the red and purple. Some more experimenting is obviously needed…

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