Baths just got a whole lot better!

All of a sudden I’ve found myself in the midst of a making whirlwind. And it feels wonderful!

My mother recently bought a Thermomix and seeing the things she’s making has reminded me of all the things I used to make but haven’t for ages. Like bread. And peanut butter. And curry powder.

home made ciabatta bread

Delicious light and airy ciabatta

And also things I’ve always wanted to make but haven’t, until now. Like yoghurt. And butter (thanks Anthea for the lesson!!) And cheese.

home made ricotta

Rich and creamy ricotta cheese – heavenly!


And this whirlwind has resulted in many triumphs, that have spurred me on to more creating. No creative-mood-spoiling stuff ups or failures or this-is-harder-than-I-thought-it-would-be’s to burst my bubble – divine energy has smiled on me this week and everything I touch turns to figurative gold. Sigh. Such felicity!

But this making frenzy hasn’t been limited to the kitchen – oh no no no. So here comes one non-food related post and another will follow close on its heels.


I love a bath. So much more of an occasion than a shower. An under-the-radar indulgence that’s all the more wonderful for being free and in my home. But there’s always the risk of the book (or iPad) taking an unwanted swimming lesson. Or the cup of tea/glass of wine toppling over as I try to place it back on the floor.

And then I discovered bath trays/shelves/caddies. Oh how I yearned for one but never seemed to discover their mystical source.

And then gosh darn it I remembered that I’m a maker. I would make one myself!

A visit to the scrap woodpile (thanks husband for rescuing wood from road side verges, friends’ demolitions, etc.), a forage through the shed for tools, a few trips into the bathroom for measurements, a bit of sawing and hammering, and viola – my very own, up-cycled bath tray!

bath tray 5

I know, could there be anything better??? Time to get the kit off, add lashings of bubbles, and soak up the joy of a job well done.


And if you’d like to make your own, rather than me showing you my very inexpert process, here’s how a professional does it:
(Note I used nails instead of screws. The drill was flat and I figured it didn’t need to be able to withstand much stress!)

And for inspiration check out these beautiful designs:


Happy bathing!

PS – notice the sweet little terrarium happily adorning my bath shelf? That was my project for today and the subject of my next post…

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