About me


I’m a city-girl with a farm-girl mother and farm-boy husband. Not surprisingly notions of thrift, making things yourself, fixing/repairing, growing things and reusing/regenerating resources have surrounded me all my life. Dwelling hand-in-hand with this handiness is an infinite creativity that, among other things, saw my small self decked out in hand made clothes, and sees the home I share with my husband furnished with his amazing hand made creations that are the envy of our friends (the reclaimed wood hall stand & kitchen bench and reclaimed wood gazebo to name just a few – see photo page). And I find myself surrounded by creative, like-minded people who offer constant inspiration with their own making adventures. I suppose it is inevitable that making has become a way of life for me.

Having explored beautiful but wretched parts of the earth, I am convinced in my soul that this creativity and resourcefulness is not just a good but an essential way to live. Our planet and her people need the rampant consumerism and wastefulness of the West to end. In my constant creating I seek to make use of recycled materials as much as possible. This blog is about my making: capturing some of the things I am doing to live a more creative, responsible and resource-friendly life.

Photos by the wonderful Big Day Creative http://www.bigdaycreative.com.au

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